First of all, we would love to meet you. Leave us a message at so we can help you during the fundraiser.

1. Click here.

2. How much money do you want to raise? It can be any amount, no matter how small. The target can be changed during the fundraiser depending on its evolution.

3. Currency: RON, USD, EURO - it doesn't matter, Facebook automatically does the conversion to the donor’s currency.

4. Completion date: leave the fundraiser open for at least 10 days in total, of which 3-4 days after the celebrated event (birthday or participation in a marathon, for example).

5. Fundraiser title: * your name * for Medical Doctors’ Caravan (eg. Susan for Medical Doctors’ Caravan). This way, RUF will know who to redirect the money you raised to. You can also add in the title the fact that you run a marathon, donate your birthday, etc.

6. Text: you can keep the text suggested by Facebook or you can write about your motivation to raise money for the Caravan. From our experience, it doesn't really matter what you write here, the most important thing is what you write when you share on Facebook.

7. Cover: Upload this image.

8. Good job, you almost succeeded! Check what you have completed so far and click Create.

9. Promotion:

- share the fundraiser on your Facebook page. Write a short and clear text about the Caravan and how you don’t want any material gifts for your birthday this year, or how you chose to run a marathon in order to help with a medical check-up of people from disadvantaged backgrounds
- it is important to share the fundraiser several times, on different days (including on the celebrated day) because people often, although they want to donate, happen to forget, don’t have the credit card at reach, etc.
- people also react very well to personal messages or messages sent to small groups of friends (for example your high school friends’ WhatsApp group)
- we will share, too, of course!

10. Acknowledgments: Don't forget to thank your donors, at least through a like and a comment during the fundraising event.