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Women's Health Caravan

Internal medicine caravan

The target group is the rural population at high risk of poverty, difficult access to basic health care: children from disadvantaged families, the elderly, uninsured people. Another target group of the project are the pupils, who can benefit from the medical education courses, and their parents.

We evaluate the health status of the population through: clinical consults, blood and urine tests, electrocardiogram, abdominal echography and echocardiography examinations, specialty consults: internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, medical imaging, pediatrics, etc.

For each event, we closely collaborate with the general practitioner who attends the village (where there is one) and with the local authorities (mayor, social workers, health assistant), the last two being key people in continuing our prevention activity in the village/local community long after the 2 day caravan ends.

We provide the medical equipment that is often lacking in the practice of the general practitioner (GP) of these areas, and we examine about 150-250 people, both adults and children, each edition.

We organize caravans in collaboration with local authorities, by assembling a multidisciplinary team (specialists and medical residents, as well as medical students).

We set up communication networks between participating physicians and public authorities in order to supervise the subsequent evolution of the people consulted.

We develop databases for reporting and conducting clinical trials.

We provide presentations and share health-educational materials.